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Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to protecting your assets, an automatic sprinkler system can make a huge impact during a fire. It will protect your property when you are not around to monitor.

Inspections can be performed annually, monthly, and quarterly. Not sure what you need? D&L Fire Protection can perform an audit of any work that is required or recommended.

There are a variety of sprinkler systems that can be configured to suit your needs:

Sprinkler systems can be used with or without a fire alarm system when you have a sprinkler system as well as a fire alarm system, the two systems must both be operational to ensure protection. The sprinkler system has many devices on it that are connected to the fire alarm panel to monitor its status and to activate the fire alarm if it detects the flow of water through its pipes.

D & L Fire Protection Limited can design, supply and install a variety of sprinkler systems to meet your needs.

From small tenant modifications to major repairs our technicians will work to complete the job on time.

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