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Fire Extinguishers

“As per NFPA10 It is the responsibility of the owner or designated agent or occupant of a property in which fire extinguishers are located be responsible for inspection, maintenance, and recharging of fire extinguishers” – National Fire Protection Association Sec.10 rev.2010

In the event of a fire, a Fire Extinguisher is your first line of defense. Every fire extinguisher should be properly selected and located for your environment and serviced by a trained technician. At D & L Fire Protection Limited our fire extinguisher technicians are NFPA 10 Certified and have received training on the servicing of dry chemical and Class K Fire extinguishers. Want to learn how to affectively use a fire extinguisher? D & L Fire Protection Limited offers fire extinguisher training. Contact us for more information.

Our shop has a dedicated booth for servicing fire extinguishers where our technicians perform maintenance and inspection procedures for all types of fire extinguishers:

We stock serveral sizes and types of fire extinguishers, such as:

*Halotron fire extinguishers are used in areas that require fire protection but have sensitive electronic equipment around them, such as server rooms, telecommunication rooms or computer labs.

If we do not stock what you are looking for, we can order the extinguishers that you require.

Use and Classification


Before purchasing a fire extinguisher you should determine what class of fire extinguisher you need.

The letters on an extinguisher label indicate what class of fire they are to be used on.