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Industrial Spray Booths

Paint spray booths, hazardous material storage areas and many other industrial processes using highly flammable liquids create an environment in which fire is always a threat.

For this type of setting, you can use either a Dry Chemical Suppression System or a CO2 Suppression System.

With a properly designed and installed Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System, a fire will be rapidly detected and extinguished.

With a properly designed and installed CO2 Suppression System, a fire will be radpidly detected, extinguished, and production can resume faster thanks to no residue left after system discharge.

Every Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System we install has been tested and approved in accordance with ULC 1254, 1998 and the applicable NFPA standards.

We offer a number of fire detection and control options including mechanical fusible links, electric thermal detectors and manual activation of the system.

D & L Fire Protection can design the required drawings for your suppression system.

Hazards Protected Include:

  • Vehicle and Industrial Paint Spray Booths
  • Open Face Paint Spray Booths
  • Paint Mixing or Storage Facilities
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  • Vehicle Suppression Systems
  • Prep Stations
  • Dip Tanks
  • Coating Equipment

For additional information about Dry Chemical Systems or any other fire protection requirements please contact us.